Electricity Generation & Distribution

مهندسین مشاور دانش پژوهان هنگام

Electricity Generation & Distribution


Energy is motivating source of civilization and every technical revolution of human being have been accompanied by a change in source of energy. In modern world electricity and electrical energy has gained a vital role in development and with regard to the rapid growth of Middle East, electricity generation and distribution project attained key importance to cope with this circumstances Hengam Group entered to this field with considerable success due to a favorable combinationof experienced specialists and utilization of state of art technologies.Modern industry is backbone of development in any society. With regard to the long way of development that is in front of Middle Eastern countries, and their existing unexploited capacities, it is evident that Industrial plants expansion would be a primary target for these countries.From the beginning of its activities, presence in industrial sector was one of Hengam Group’s important objectives. The result of this dedication is delivery or participation in delivery of many industrial plants.

Fields of Activity

Iron and steel plant

Electrical Engineering Power Plant and Power Line