Water Resources & Treatment

مهندسین مشاور دانش پژوهان هنگام

Water Resources & Treatment


Middle East is located in one of the driest parts of the planet Earth and already parts of people in this area face with problems in accessing to hygiene water to drink or cultivation. It is anticipated this problems got more critical with growth of population of this region during next decades. On the other hand water has a unique important role in sustainable development of human societies. In response to this situation DPHG succeeded to mobilize a talented team of expert with a vast knowledge of water engineering and long years of experience in this field, to propose the most sophisticated solutions to the clients’ water prerequisites.

Fields of Activity

Ground and Underground water studies

Geology, rainfall and flood studies

Assessment of underground water reservoir

River engineering and river organizing studies

Controlling and exploitation of water

Dam engineering and hydroelectric plant designing

Preservative exploitation design of underground water

Treatment of Water and Waste Water

Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Water desalination and purification Plants

Artificial reservoirs and water storage tanks

Water distribution system

Water pipeline and distribution network

Irrigation networks

Drainage and sewage networks

Value engineering studies of water projects